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How Sensor System Works

Smart Zone™ Sensors detect objects within 5.5 feet of the vehicle
• Alarm sound will increase in intensity as the object behind the vehicle becomes closer

nVISION™ Sensor System

Red Zone: 0’ - 1.5’

Audible alarm will sound a solid “beep” tone. This alerts the driver to STOP immediately.

Yellow Zone: 1.5’ - 3.5’

Audible alarm frequency will begin to increase in intensity. This alerts the driver to PREPARE TO STOP.

Green Zone: 3.5’ - 5.5’

Audible alarm will  begin to beep a slow tone. This alerts the driver that an object is behind the vehicle.


SmartZone™ Sensing

SmartZone™ Sensing takes driver awareness to the next level.

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Sensors are adjustable to maximum the detection zone for your specific vehicle.

nVISION™ Rearview Camera System


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